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SpiroTrap - Dirt separators

Dirt separator

The SpiroTrap removes dirt particles from installation water. This is important, as even the smallest particles can still cause huge problems in an installation. The SpiroTrap dirt separator is much more effective and low-maintenance than a filter, as a filter becomes blocked, resulting in a large pressure drop. Moreover, replacing a filter often is a difficult job whereas draining the SpiroTrap only takes a few seconds. With the SpiroTrap, malfunctions, wear and tear, and maintenance are proactively reduced.

Low flow resistance

The SpiroTrap dirt separator has a very low and constant flow resistance. Furthermore, the dirt collected does not affect the SpiroTrap’s operation. The SpiroTrap comes with a drainage tap to remove the dirt, which only has to be used once in a while thanks to its large dirt collection capacity. SpiroTrap dirt separators are available in brass and steel.


  • Also removes minute dirt particles (from 5 microns)
  • Removes dirt while the system remains in operation
  • Minimal, constant pressure drop
  • No shut-off valves or bypass required
  • Wide range in pressure levels, temperatures and materials


Brochure SpiroTrap

Manual SpiroTrap brass

Manual SpiroTrap steel

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