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maximising performance

Beijing District Heating Group

In a district heating installation held by theBeijing District Heating Group, air intake andblockages resulted in a need for frequentmanual venting. The 20-year-old system alsorequired frequent refilling. This meant large flowfluctuations, low NPSH and risk of cavitation.

Savings and further benefits

Following extensive measurements a SpiroVent Superior S6vacuum degasser was introduced in one large city heatingsubstation, to remove air blockages. This allowed the speed of thepump to be lowered drastically, while the desired flow rate wasachieved without difficulty. The result: lower flow resistance and a31% total saving on the electricity consumption of the pumps.Degassing brings several further benefits for the system: lesswear, less malfunction and an associated reduction in costs.

Achieved results

31% energy saving on pumps
Significantly improved system performance
Comfort and safety markedly increased
No more frequent manual venting
Maintenance significantly reduced
Less wear and tear

The solution

SpiroCombi Steel deaerator and dirt separator
SpiroVent Superior S6 vacuum degasser

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In every apartment, the radiators are now working very well, and we aren’t receiving any complaints about room temperature, in the past, that simply wasn’t possible.
- Mr. Gu, Area Maintenance Manager Beijing District Heating Group

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