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maximising performance

Delhi Metro

The state-owned Delhi Metro Rail CorporationLtd. (DMRC) operates the Delhi Metro and isinvolved in the planning and implementation of awide variety of rail projects across India. TheDelhi Metro system has been in operation formore than a decade.

Solutions for new underground stations

Whilst planning a series of new stations, DMRC were in the processof changing from centrifugal separators, which were a standardpart of underground station specifications till then, to deaerators.Following a series of presentations, DMRC and its consultantsselected Spirotech to provide system water conditioning solutionsfor 11 new underground stations.

Helping DMRC achieve its goals

Each station is now beingequipped with a SpiroVent Superior vacuum degasser and aSpiroCombi deaerator and dirt separator, and further units may beadded. “We are now able to get dirt out very, very quickly,” saidone spokesperson for DMRC. The first installations are up andrunning and have been successfully helping DMRC achieve itsgoals of lower energy consumption and greater efficiency.

Achieved results

Energy savings for huge infrastructure project
Significantly improved efficiency
Highest degree of dirt separation
Improvement over previous technology
Extremely fast dirt removal
Integrated approach with installer

The solution

SpiroVent Superior vacuum degassers
SpiroCombi deaerators and dirt separators

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Delhi Metro were not only convinced by the products themselves, but also by the technology behind them.
- Seth Rohan, CEO of Rohan Engineers

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