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maximising performance


Mainova AG, one of the largest regional energy suppliers in Germany chose SpiroTrap dirt to provide optimal, innovative protection for their Frankfurt power plant.

Trouble-free operation

This represents a relatively small investment which enablestrouble-free operation of installations and protects expensive,dirt-sensitive components such as pumps and valves. These andother system components must be protected from dirt particlecontamination, as repairs and downtime have significant financialimplications. For power utilities, the risk of downtime interruptingthe supply of energy is an especially big concern.

Optimal, innovative protection

Mainova AG,one of the largest regional energy suppliers in Germany choseSpiroTrap dirt separators to provide optimal, innovative protection.SpiroTrap DN400 (650 m3/h) and DN500 (1300 m3/h) dirtseparators were installed at Mainova's newly built Nordweststadtpumping station. Both use Spirotube as a separating element, which has also played a big part in realising the excellent results.

Achieved results

* High degree of reliability guaranteed
* Optimal protection of system components
* Tailor-made solution thanks to Spirotech R&D
* Uptime maximised
* Repairs prevented

The solution

SpiroTrap dirt separator

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Experience with other networks has shown that the use of Spirotech’s dirt separators is the correct choice here.
- Werner Schäfer, Mechanical Engineering Department Manager at Mainova, 2011

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