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maximising performance


In 2007 elderly care home Nij Mariënacker inWorkum, the Netherlands was fitted out with aheating and cooling system using geothermalheat. Unfortunately, the system, and the heatpump in particular, didn’t work as intendedfrom the outset.

Temperature problems

The Nij Mariënacker complex has a total area of 9,500m2 spreadover several floors. Its new, complex climate system immediatelyhad issues with heat distributions, jammed thermostat valves,clogged heat exchangers and underfloor heating blockages. Thisled to temperature problems during the summer as well as thewinter. Two boilers that had been provided as backup were beingused continuously. Several attempts to solve the problems hadbeen made, without success, before contacting Spirotech.

Integrated approach

First, Spirotech’s specialised laboratory carried out a completesystem scan, including analysis of system water and make-upwater. A comprehensive report was provided, advising on a totalsolution consisting of an ideal mix of air separators, dirt separators,additives and support services. In many places accumulated dirtparticles and calcium deposits were causing a multitude ofproblems. Extensive flushing also helped restore heat transfer.Spirotech not only took care of analysis and recommendations,but also provided the hardware and supervised installation,commissioning and service.

Achieved results

• Integrated solution: analysis, recommendations and installation
• System efficiency and output maximised
• Lower energy usage
• Easier system management and maintenance
• Vastly increased comfort for residents
• Support for lower carbon emissions

The solution

SpiroTop automatic air vent
SpiroVent Superior S4 vacuum degasser
SpiroVent Steel deaerator
SpiroTrap Steel dirt separator
SpiroPlus additives & cleaners

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I'm very satisfied and glad we did this. The overall system performance has improved and CO2 emissions have been lowered.
- Aant Kingma, Coordinator Planned Maintenance Nij Mariënacker

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