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maximising performance


MTU Maintenance is a subsidiary of MTUAero Engines, Germany's leading enginemanufacturer. The company specialises inrepair and maintenance of medium and largecommercial engines. Fast organic growth hadresulted in expansion of mixed heating andcooling system installations.

Fighting corrosion

A plant optimisation plan was developed with pump manufacturerPumpen Binek. The plant was divided into five sections, with verydifferent needs for cooling and refrigeration circuits in specificprocess areas, as well as heating and process heat. Originally, somecorrosion inevitably appeared whenever air was manually releasedfrom the system. In all sections, it was necessary to remove existingcorrosion and reliably prevent new particles from forming.

Meticulous prepatory work

This was to be achieved with Spirotech’s dirt separation andvacuum degassing solutions. During several weeks of thoroughpreparation, the finer points of the installation and positioning ofthe devices were determined. “This meticulous preparatory workreally paid off,” says Gino-Valerio Bruno of Pumpen Binek.“Our audit has shown that optimisation has brought highersystem reliability and lowered costs making this a thoroughlysuccessful implementation.”

Achieved results

* Continued safe operation
* Higher system reliability
* Lower costs
* Substantial energy savings
* Reduced need for maintenance
* Increased component lifetimes

The solution

SpiroVent Superior S6 vacuum degasser
SpiroTrap dirt separator

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With Spirotech we have come much closer to realising one of our key goals: continuous reliable operation. Estimates show savings can amount to tens of thousands of Euros per year.
- Nicholas Johnson (left on image), Project Leader MTU Maintenance

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