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maximising performance


Placement of a SpiroVent deaerator andSpiroTrap dirt separator in a Dutch home, builtin the nineties in the Dutch town of Goor, haveled to energy savings as high as 20%. Savingswere clearly documented because the residenthas been monitoring energy consumptionaccurately for several years.


This made it possible to create accurate overviews, comparing,for example, a very cold winter to a mild one. Taking into accountthese factors, gas consumption for heating this propertydecreased by 20%. It soon became clear that the purchase andinstallation of the SpiroVent and SpiroTrap had been earned backin a short period. In fact, a harsh winter can make payback withinone year possible.

Better protected setup

“We didn’t expect the energy usage to drop so sharply,” say thehomeowners. “Apart from the significantly lower gas bill, our setupis better protected against failures and breakdowns and all theradiators now heat up completely.”

Achieved results

* Vastly improved system performance
* Return on investment within 2 years
* Comfort significantly increased
* Protection of valuable system components
* Proven 20% energy savings

The solution

SpiroVent RV2 automatic air vent
SpiroTrap MB3 dirt separator

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Apart from the significantly lower gas bill, our setup is better protected against failures and all the radiators now heat up completely.
- Homeowner Family Riepen, Goor, The Netherlands

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