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maximising performance

Stadtwerke Giessen

In various district heating systems operated byStadtwerke Giessen, excess air was beingtrapped, partly as a result of network extension. With Spirotech vacuum degassers, it becamepossible to enable trouble-free operation.

Problems with air

Stadtwerke Giessen provides electricity, gas, water and districtheating to private and business clients. These systems arecontinuously adapted in line with current demand. Extension ofthe network and realisation of new connections resulted in airrepeatedly entering into the district heating system or discretenetworks. This didn’t only result in malfunctions, but theresponsible technicians were also concerned about acceleratedair-induced corrosion in the pipeline network.

SpiroVent Superior S6A vacuum degasser

To avoid these side-effects the decision was made to introducea vacuum degasser at several key contact points. Spirotechprovided support to Stadtwerke Giessen with consulting servicesas well as commissioning the selected SpiroVent Superior S6A.The positive effect of installing the equipment soon becameapparent in the deaeration performance.

Achieved results

* Support to smooth operation of district heating
* Easily installed during planned maintenance
* Fast, excellent results
* Decreased malfunctions and corrosion
* To be installed in all systems

The solution

SpiroVent Superior S6 vacuum degasser

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The ease of implementation and fast, excellent results have led us to consistently equip all our systems with Spirotech vacuum degassers.
- Jörg Schneider, Head of the district heating network with Stadtwerke Giessen

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