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maximising performance

Strathclyde University

The University of Strathclyde’s building maintenance requirements have been streamlined thanks to a long-term commitment to eradicate contamination from all of its heating and cooling systems in partnership with Spirotech.

SIBS building

For the last seven years, Andy McWatt, Senior Mechanical Engineer at the University of Strathclyde, has specified only Spirotech product across all the university’s existing and new systems, as a result of excellent experiences with the brand; namely the transformation of the heating and cooling systems serving the university’s SIBS Robertson building. “The SIBS building is a very sensitive area of our prestigious Biomedical unit, and one where accurate temperature control
is vital,” explains McWatt. “In this particular building, we were having real issues with debris blocking the re-heat battery control valves, which was made worse by the fact that access to the valves is difficult. The hassle of having to access the network to be able to remove the contamination was both time consuming and costly, so the remedying of system problems in the SIBS building has saved us a tremendous amount of time and resource.”

Improved system functionality

The installation of Spirotech’s SpiroVent Superior in 2008 marked the beginning of the partnership with the company, which resulted in improved system functionality across the site and the wholesale removal of contamination issues across
both historic and new building stock.

Achieved results

• Improved system functionality
• Wholesale removal of all system contamination
• Reduced requirement for system dosing
• Improved system lifetime
• A significant reduction in maintenance requirement

The solution

SpiroCombi deaerator and dirt separator
SpiroTrap dirt separator
SpiroVent Superior vacuum degassers

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What we do works, saves time, reduces the requirement for an expensive chemical regime and improves system lifecycles.
- Andy McWatt, Senior Mechanical Engineer, University of Strathclyde

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