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maximising performance


Together with Spirotech and installer Van denHoff Installatiebedrijf Eindhoven, Trudo housingcorporation carried out a large-scale study in152 homes. Over a period of five years, theeffects of placing deaerators and dirt separatorsin heating systems was extensively measured.

Extending maintenance cycles

Trudo is a medium-sized housing corporation in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, which focuses primarily on social housing. “The areain which Trudo can realise the biggest savings is throughextending maintenance cycles,” explains Sjack Vissers, TeamLeader Real Estate Maintenance, Trudo housing corporation.“Joining together knowledge and expertise has contributed torealising our goal of lowering maintenance costs.”

Fewer failures, lower maintenance costs

Between 2009 and 2014, all service calls and changes werelogged and water samples were taken at regular intervals tomeasure the effect of the installed Spirotech solutions: SpiroVentdeaerators continuously remove free air and microbubbles fromthe system fluid, SpiroTrap dirt separators remove magnetic andnon-magnetic dirt particles.

The study has demonstrated that the number of service visitsduring the five year period was greatly reduced by fitting Spirotechdeaerators and dirt separators in heating systems. In addition,there is clear evidence that the acidity of system fluid rises at a farslower pace thanks to the Spirotech products, reducing the risk ofcorrosion. At the outset of the study, Trudo was receiving anaverage of 1.5 calls about system failures per tenant over afive-year period.

Achieved results

Protection of investment and costly components
Reduced corrosion and dirt-related problems
21% less maintenance visits with deaerator
48% less maintenance visits with deaerator and dirt separator
Increased comfort for tenants
Considerably lower maintenance costs

SpiroVent RV2 automatic air vent
SpiroVent MB3 dirt separator

The solution

SpiroVent RV2 automatic air vent
SpiroTrap MB3 dirt separator

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All parties were convinced that heating management and maintainance can and should be carried out in a different way. The results prove that this different approach really works.
- Jan van den Hoff, Installer firm Van den Hoff installatiebedrijf, Eindhoven

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