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SpiroTop automatic air vents

The SpiroTop is a fully automatic air vent.

Automatic air vent

The SpiroTop is a fully automatic air vent, as installation fluid functions best when it contains as little air as possible. In an installation, air gathers at the highest points, which can disrupt the flow or even stop it completely. The SpiroTop removes this air in a fast and effective manner, without the need for maintenance.

Spirotop is the reliable and worry-free solution ideal for:

• filling and draining systems
• making and keeping the highest points in systems air-free

Industry-leading 20 year guarantee

No valve contamination due to distance from water

Special leak-free valve construction

Extensive range of models

Sturdy brass and stainless steel units

½" connection prevents bubble blockage


  • The special valve construction means that the valve closes completely
  • The special valve seat has a very long life expectancy
  • The robust floats are made of solid plastic so they cannot rupture
  • The large air gap between the valve and the water (at least 40 mm)
  • prevents valve contamination which is one of the main causes of leaks
  • The ½” connection prevents the pipette effect
  • Exceptional guarantee



Standard - SpiroTop Brass Solutions

Max. operating pressure up to 10 bar • Fluid temperature up to 110°C
Article Number
Connections Material Material float Max. op. pressure
Max. fluid temp.
Packed per Delivery Datasheet Specifications
Brass Solutions for standard temperature and pressure
1/2” int. Brass PP 10 110 65 112 12 +

Special - SpiroTop Brass Solutions

Article Number
Connections Material Material float Max. op. pressure
Max. fluid temp.
Packed per Delivery Datasheet
Brass Solutions for high pressure
1/2” int. Brass PP 16 110 65 134 12 +
Brass Solutions for high temperature and high pressure
1/2” int. Brass TPX 25 150 65 134 12 +

Custom - SpiroTop Brass Solutions

Next to the SpiroTop automatic air vents mentioned on this page, a wide variety is available for different temperatures and pressures. In case you cannot fi nd the right one for you, we are happy to discuss a custom solution for your needs.


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SpiroTop - Manual

SpiroTop - Product Leaflet

SpiroTop AB050 - Technical Drawing

SpiroTop AB050/025 - Technical Drawing

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