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Power consumption of energy saving pumps increases radically
due to magnetite pollution

Pumps are sensitive to dirt in the installation water. The next generation of high-efficiency pumps with ECM technology and permanent magnet motors appear to be extra sensitive to magnetite.

Spirotech develops and manufactures innovative overall solutions for conditioning fluids in HVAC and process installations. Our products and services result in:

  • fewer malfunctions and less wear and tear,
  • faster commissioning and easier maintenance
  • higher yields and therefore lower energy consumption.

Because of our focus on quality, product development and process improvement, Spirotech products are recommended by leading manufacturers of boilers and other installation components. Thanks to a very extensive supplier network, many users worldwide benefit from the advantages of our products and services every day.

SpiroTrap MB2: Still going strong

The SpiroTrap MB2 offers a completely universal
unit, which removes simple and efficient both magnetic and non magnetic dirt from central heating systems. The universally ‘twist-release’ ring is suitable for vertical, horizontal or even diagonal

Accessories, additives and advice for:
Spirotech’s Exceptional Guarantee Terms!
New SpiroCare ProLab Analysis Proven reduction in energy use and system breakdowns Faster and cleaner system flushing SpiroVent RV2 with swivel connection Magnetic separators for large systems

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