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Targeted solutions for improved efficiency

All of the Spirotech products have the same purpose: improving installation and process efficiency. Additional advantages include reduced maintenance, malfunctions and failure. This is why we offer a wide range of products and services such as automatic air vents, deaerators, vacuum degassers, dirt separators and hydraulic separators. Additionally, we offer a specialist range of analyses, recommendations and solutions for quality assurance and process improvement. These are all quality products and activities that combine many benefits, allowing your installation to function without problems, with low maintenance and low energy consumption.

Automatic air vents    

  • high venting
  • reliable and leak-free
  • prevents air inclusions
  • also for air inlet when draining an installation


  • removes circulating (micro) air bubbles
  • removes trapped air
  • reliable and leak-free

Vacuum degassers   

  • plug & play
  • verwijdert opgeloste gassen
  • energiezuinig

Dirt separators

  • also removes the tiniest particles
  • removes dirt while the system remains in operation
  • no shut-off valves or bypass required
  • minimal, constant pressure drop

Air and Dirt separators

  • air-free and dirt-free installation fluid with 1 device
  • also removes the tiniest particles
  • minimal, constant pressure drop
  • maintenance only takes seconds

Hydraulic separators    

  • 3 functions in 1 device
  • low loss header
  • integrated air and dirt separation
  • mimimal fluid mixing

Flushing agents and additives

  • for quality improvement and preservation of fluid quality;
  • certified by international certification bodies;
  • various measurement devices and tools within the range.

Analysis and advice    

  • for installation fluids and fluid installations
  • extensive expertise
  • very thorough analyses
  • for a wide variety of processes
Spirotech’s Exceptional Guarantee Terms!
New SpiroCare ProLab Analysis Proven reduction in energy use and system breakdowns Faster and cleaner system flushing SpiroVent RV2 with swivel connection Vacuum degassers pull down costs

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