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maximising performance

Next generation ready-to-use insulation sets from Spirotech

Spirotech is equipping its deaerators and dirt separators with new, ready-to-install insulation sets in a new Spirotech design.

More comfort, lower costs


Spirotech is the number-one specialist in the field of fluid conditioning in closed systems.

Worldwide operations

Worldwide we share our products, unrivaled expertise and years of experience.

Continuous development

Spirotech believes in improvement and innovation, which is why we conduct so much research.

Focus on efficiency

Spirotech’s products and services aim for optimal efficiency and functioning.

Our products serve one purpose: to improve returns on installations and processes. Each is a quality product that ensures installations function effectively, are easy to maintain, and energy efficient.

News and events

Spirotech unveils SpiroCombi MB3 two-in-one air and dirt separator

1 year ago

Spirotech has announced the imminent introduction of the SpiroCombi MB3, the latest addition to its wide range of ‘two-in-one’ combined air and dirt separators.

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Biggest ever SpiroCross is a world record breaker

2 years ago

Spirotech's biggest ever SpiroCross has been installed in the Ukraine. The enormous dirt and air separator, some 10.8 metres tall and with a dry weight of an impressive 15 tons, was designed and engineered to fit inside a newly-constructed grain drying plant.

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SpiroCross tops the menu for relaunched restaurant

2 years ago

When entrepreneurs chose to restore a derelict below ground restaurant to its former glory Spirotech’s combined deaerator and dirt separator SpiroCross proved ‘the perfect solution’ for its extensive underfloor heating system.

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We believe in innovation and leading to improvement. Continuous development we are therefore important. The newest products and latest events we are involved in here.

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Maximising performance

SpiroTop automatic air vents

SpiroVent microbubble deaerators


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