1 million SpiroTrap MB3 Dirt Separators, 22 mm produced!

1 mijoenste SpirTrap 22 mm geproduceerd!

When you think about a magnetic dirt separator, it could well be that you are thinking about a SpiroTrap MB3. This dirt separator is known worldwide for its powerful external magnet, brass housing, enormous efficiency, universal connection, and exceptional warranty. The dirt separator protects the heat pump or central heating system against (magnetic) dirt and ensures energy savings of up to 7.4%. Available in sizes from 22 mm to 2”, the unit is suitable for practically any residential system.

This month we celebrate that we have produced the millionth SpiroTrap MB3. An unreal number of which we are very proud. It confirms that people like to work with this separator, and it gives us the confidence to continue to build on solutions in the field of system water quality. Curious about these solutions?

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Solutions that Impress

A poorly designed, installed and maintained pressurisation system can lead to negative pressures around the circuit. Air can be drawn in through Automatic Air Vents, gaskets and micro leaks. High pressure situations can lead to water being emitted through the safety valves and the subsequent frequent addition of further raw refill water.

Pressurisation, the key

Innovative dirt separation

Our experts have improved the dry pocket of the magnetic dirt separator in the steel SpiroTrap and SpiroCombi units. As a result, these steel magnetic dirt separators are easier to maintain. The new magnetic dirt separators automatically extract (magnetic) dirt from system water in cooling and heating systems to prevent the yield of these systems to decline over their service life.

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The new dry pocket dirt separator including magnet

Why Spirotech?

Better heating with Spirotech

Keeping your heating system running at its best is key to keeping energy costs down, but lurking within your system could be two reasons why your heating is not only more expensive but less reliable too.

Our solutions

It is our dedication to providing the best solutions for you that help to save energy, increase comfort and optimise the performance of cooling and heating systems. Not only by providing the best quality products, but also by sharing our knowledge and supporting you in any way we can.