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maximising performance

Welcome to Spirotech

By visiting our site we can already tell, you are interested in quality and innovative system water solutions. Our system water experts are only one click away from you.

More comfort, lower costs


Spirotech is the number-one specialist in the field of fluid conditioning in closed systems.

Worldwide operations

Worldwide we share our products, unrivaled expertise and years of experience.

Continuous development

Spirotech believes in improvement and innovation, which is why we conduct so much research.

Focus on efficiency

Spirotech’s products and services aim for optimal efficiency and functioning.

Our products serve one purpose: to improve returns on installations and processes. Each is a quality product that ensures installations function effectively, are easy to maintain, and energy efficient.

News and events

Lessons from commercial

2 weeks ago

It is becoming increasingly popular for engineers to work on both domestic and light commercial installations. In light of this ever-growing crossover, Ted Watson, Specifications Manager at Spirotech UK, discusses what domestic installers can learn from their commercial counterparts, pointing out the similarities between the systems.<br>

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Spirotech set to display maximum PHEX-IBILITY

2 months ago

Spirotech, the UK’s leading supplier of heating and cooling system protection and water conditioning and analysis will be showcasing its SpiroTrap MB3+ value pack at PHEX+, Alexandra Palace, alongside its comprehensive range of market leading products.

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3 months ago

SpiroTrap MB3+ value pack

Spirotech, the UK’s premium supplier of dirt separators for heating systems, has launched the cost effective SpiroTrap MB3+ value pack, offering installers optimum flexibility and service in one package. <br>

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We believe in innovation and leading to improvement. Continuous development we are therefore important. The newest products and latest events we are involved in here.

More news and events

Maximising performance

SpiroTop automatic air vents

SpiroVent microbubble deaerators


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