Today’s highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems can only offer optimal performance and save energy with dirt-free water. In untreated systems, dirt can accumulate in multiple places throughout the system. Studies and practical experience show that magnetite, in particular, leads to greatly reduced energy efficiency and, therefore, higher energy costs.


1 million SpiroTrap MB3 Dirt Separators, 22 mm produced!

1 mijoenste SpirTrap 22 mm geproduceerd!

When you think about a magnetic dirt separator, it could well be that you are thinking about a SpiroTrap MB3. This dirt separator is known worldwide for its powerful external magnet, brass housing, enormous efficiency, universal connection, and exceptional warranty. The dirt separator protects the heat pump or central heating system against (magnetic) dirt and ensures energy savings of up to 7.4%. Available in sizes from 22 mm to 2”, the unit is suitable for practically any residential system.

This month we celebrate that we have produced the millionth SpiroTrap MB3. An unreal number of which we are very proud. It confirms that people like to work with this separator, and it gives us the confidence to continue to build on solutions in the field of system water quality. Curious about these solutions?

More about the SpiroTrap MB3

The benefits of the SpiroTrap Dirt separators

  • Very small particles, from 5 μm (= 0.005 mm) are separated and removed
  • Dirt can be drained while the system is in operation
  • Constant low pressure drop
  • Maintenance only takes a few seconds and is not a dirty job compared to a filter solution
  • No unnecessary downtime
  • Connection diameters from ¾” to DN 300. Larger diameters available on request
  • A complete range, suitable for various pressures and temperatures

The positioning of a dirt separator in your system

Dirt separators are preferably positioned just before the systemwater enters the heating or cooling unit (return) in your system, capturing all of the dirt before it gets into the components.

Positioning of Spirotech SpiroTrap

Innovative dirt separation

Our experts have improved the dry pocket of the magnetic dirt separator in the steel SpiroTrap and SpiroCombi units. As a result, these steel magnetic dirt separators are easier to maintain. The new magnetic dirt separators automatically extract (magnetic) dirt from system water in cooling and heating systems to prevent the yield of these systems to decline over their service life.

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The new dry pocket dirt separator including magnet

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