SpiroVent Superior - Vacuum degasserSpiroVent Superior - Vacuum degasser

SpiroVent Superior

A fully automatic vacuum degasser for heating, cooling and process systems.

The SpiroVent Superior, a fully automatic vacuum degasser has a fully electronic control system. The Superior offers numerous options for reading system information, status and logged data, allowing users to achieve optimal energy efficiency, maintain a healthy water heating system, and save on costs.

The benefits of the SpiroVent Superior vacuum degasser

  • Removes all gases, free air, microbubbles and dissolved gases
  • Absorptive fluid ensures the removal of trapped gas bubbles
  • Energy-efficient whilst still achieving the lowest possible gas concentration thanks to SmartSwitch
  • Degassed (re)filling and sustained pressure
  • Warns before (re)filling becomes excessive
  • An extensive range for a wide variety of systems
  • Can team up with all common expansion systems
  • Remote access via LAN or Wi-Fi
  • The B and R versions have an integrated automatic refill system
  • Two-year guarantee

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Software update (version SPRO.1.4.) SpiroVent Superior S400 & S600

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