Why use an expansion vessel?

Suboptimal pressure build-up in an installation has negative consequences for the performance and lifespan of the complete system. It is therefore essential to invest in a high quality pressure maintenance system tailored to the needs of your heating or cooling to ensure optimal pressure in the installation.

An optimal system pressure will keep system components functioning optimally and ensure trouble-free, cost-effective performance.

Primarily, closed expansion tanks are a safety feature for systems in which water is used as a heat transfer medium to transfer the energy from heating and/or cooling to a living or utility space.

Secondary, an expansion vessel contributes to improving the efficiency and reliability of an installation by allowing the system components to function optimally and protect them.

Spirotech expansion vessels with balloon shaped membrane
Prevent corrosion (rust) in your expansion vessel and choose security with an expansion vessel with a balloon-shaped membrane!

How an expansion vessel works

A standard expansion vessel consists of two chambers separated by a (fized) membrane. The system water is on one side of the membrane and gas with a predetermined pre-pressure is on the other side. A disadvantage of such an expansion vessel is that the system water is in contact with the inside of the vessel and corrosion can therefore occur, which can damage the installation. 

With Spirotech expansion vessels this is not an ordinary membrane but a balloon-shaped membrane, which enclosed the system water completely. This prevents the system water from coming into contact with the sheet steel wall of the vessel, thus preventing corrosion. 

The pocket membrane serves to absorb the volume change of the system water when heated. The pre-pressure in the gas space of the expansion vessel pushes the system water back into the installation as it cools.

Lowest temperature of the system water

The entire hydraulic seal is located in the expansion vessel.

The temperature of the water in the system rises

The space in the balloon shaped membrane absorbs the volume change of the system water.

Highest temperature of the system water

The volume increase of the systemwater is absorbed by the membrane.

A suitable solution for every installation

The SpiroExpand range consists of hundreds of (expansion) vessels, expansion machines and accessories. From the most complex systems to simple solutions, there is a suitable SpiroExpand solution for every size of heating and cooling installation.

  • Volumes from 4L to 10,000L (larger possible on request)
  • Maximum working pressure from 3 to 25 bar
  • Coupling vessels, buffer vessels, preliminary vessels, expansion vessels, membrane expansion vessels, IBC vessels and more
  • Passive vessels and active expansion units
  • Vessels for sanitary and drinking water systems (flow through and non-flow through) 
  • Vessels for solar installations
  • Expansion machines in any desired configuration, with multiple pumps, valves and extensions possible

Our assortment expansion vessels

Expansion vessels with fixed pre-pressure

Whether you rely on a heating system to keep your home warm or a cooling system to combat the heat during the summer, expansion vessels with fixed pre-pressure and a bag membrane contribute to the smooth operation of your system.

Our EVN expansion vessels, with a volume of 4l to 140l, have a fixed pre-pressure with a bag membrane. This membrane ensures that the system water and the inner wall of the expansion vessel do not come into contact with each other, thus preventing corrosion (fromation of rust).

Spirotech SpiroExpand Drukbehoudsystemen

Automatic pressurization units

For larger and more complex heating or cooling systems with large pressure differences, it is advisable to use an expansion system, also known as a pressure maintenance system, to regulate the pressure. The main difference between the two is that an expansion vessel is a separate part of the system, while an expansion system is a complete system that includes multiple components.

The system is designed to keep the pressure in the system constant, regardless of temperature fluctuations, and ensures safe and efficient operation of the heating or cooling system.

The expansion system is a more complex system and offers greater accuracy in regulating the pressure in the system. This makes the system ideally suited for larger and more complex heating or cooling systems.

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