Automatic air vents and bleeding valves cannot remove microbubbles or circulating air. Venting devices on boilers and other devices will not remove air that is present elsewhere in the system. By removing the presence of all air, SpiroVent also prevents dirt formation and related negative effects on energy efficiency, failure sensitivity and wear and tear.

Benefits of the SpiroVent deaerators

  • Removes all circulating air and microbubbles
  • Removes trapped air when installed at the correct location
  • Reduces the need for manual venting
  • Constant low pressure drop
  • No unnecessary shutdown
  • Connection diameters from ¾” to DN 800
  • A complete range, suitable for various pressures and temperatures
  • Exceptional guarantee
  • Also available in stainless steel for high temperature and/or high-pressure system environments

The positioning of a SpiroVent air deaerator in the system

SpiroVent Air deaerators are preferably positioned at the hottest point of the installation, the point where the water leaves the heater or where the water enters the cooler.

Our range of deaerators for residential and commercial projects