A good hydraulic balance is highly important for HVAC and process systems with separated circuits or several groups and pumps. The effective removal of air and dirt also ensures water heating systems perform at their best. Hydraulic balancing and air and dirt separation are combined in the SpiroCross. The combination of 3 functions in 1, not only helps you reduce costs and increase your water heating systems energy efficiency, but also saves on space, installation and maintenance costs.

The SpiroCross can be used for both new build, refurb and projects for refurbish heating, cooling and process systems, and improving energy efficiency. SpiroCross was developed by Spirotech using Computational Fluid Dynamics and was also tested extensively on our own TÜV-certified test and measurement set-up and various systems in practice.

The new revolutionary SpiroCross AX-J

The new SpiroCross AX-J hydraulic balancer with air deaeration and magnetic dirt separation

Heating and cooling systems with a primary and secondary circuit or with separate groups and pumps, such as with underfloor heating or heat pumps, require optimum hydraulic balancing.

The experts of Spirotech developed the SpiroCross AX-J hydraulic balancer with dearation and dirt separation with magnet included.

Three functions in one device to save on purchasing costs, on space, performance, installation, and total system maintenance costs.

Discover the SpiroCross AX-J

The benefits of the SpiroCross Hydraulic Deaerator & Dirt Separator

  • Three functions in a single component
  • Just four connections instead of eight
  • An optimal hydraulic balance between primary and secondary pumps
  • SpiroTube guarantees minimal fluid mixing and thus the best temperature differential
  • Real, active deaeration and dirt separation
  • Even the tiniest air bubbles and dirt particles are separated and removed
  • Constant low pressure drop
  • Compact design and limited build height, thanks to the SpiroTube
  • Exceptional guarantee

Our range of hydraulic balancing deaerator & dirt separators for systems with multiple circuits/groups