Combined  Air deaeration & Dirt separation (incl. hydraulic balancing)

Today’s highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems offer optimal performance with water that is free of air and dirt. It is highly recommended to use a deaerator and dirt separator to ensure that the quality of the system water is optimized.

Spirotech offers two ranges of products specially designed for the simultaneous removal of air and dirt. These remove air, microbubbles and dirt particles from system water continuously. One of these products (SpiroCross) is specially designed for HVAC and process systems with separated circuits or several groups and pumps in which a good hydraulic balance is required.

Eliminate air & dirt from your system water!

Our combined air deaeration & dirt separation product ranges take care of removing:

  • circulating air
  • microbubbles and
  • removing dirt particles > 5 µm from the water.

Additional hydraulic balancing

The SpiroCross range also maintains a good hydraulic balance, which is very important for HVAC and process systems with separated circuits or several groups and pumps.

Particle size Spirotech products

Our solutions for combined Deaeration & Dirt separation

The positioning of the SpiroCombi in your system

The SpiroCombi should preferably be installed at the hottest point in the system. For a heating system, this is the point where the system water leaves the heater. In a cooling system, it should be installed in the return line, just before it enters the cooler.

Meet the new SpiroCross

Spirotech introduces the SpiroCross XC-M - the next generation of hydraulic balancers combined with deaerators & dirt separators with unique magnetic field amplification technology.