It is all about the quality of system water!

As the condition of blood in the human body is of key importance for all organs to work efficiently and to survive the elements of everyday life, so is the fluid in a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

The system fluid – the lifeblood of every heating and cooling system

When the blood is healthy, the organs can work and every organism is capable of surviving. This theory also applies to HVAC systems as the moment the quality of the water in the system fails to meet the standards and guidelines, significant errors, serious damage and loss of efficiency can occur. The consequences of this can lead to legal or regulatory implications and can have a negative effect on warranty, operational costs as well as repair and maintenance costs.

Warranty on your system components rely on the quality of your system water/fluid

We all are aware that the quality of each of the components used in a HVAC system affects the overall efficiency of the system. Higher efficiency means:

  • less energy consumption,
  • less maintenance and
  • a longer lifetime for the whole system
Spirotech - Lifeblood
Did you know that air in your system causes corrosion and therefor dirt?

System water, one of the key components in the system

In many cases we don’t look at the system water as being one of the key components within the system. The quality of the water has a huge influence on the lifetime of not only the components, but also the overall system. As a result, directives and standards are set up for the quality of the system water, which are described in ISSO 13, VDI2035 and DIN EN 14868 (see our SpiroPure range).

Spirotech is a leading expert in system water quality. Not only do we provide the best quality products, we also share our knowledge and support you in any way possible.

What you need to know about VDI 2035!

The VDI 2035 is a guideline regarding the design, installation, filling and maintenance of heating systems (< 100°C) in buildings.

Today’s energy efficient heating systems require a good heating water quality: small and compact heat exchangers are more sensitive to hardness and efficient pumps and valves are more sensitive to dirt.

Note that the warranty of the components in your heating system relies on the quality of your system water according VDI 2035!

Learn how you can protect your system according VDI 2035

How air and dirt affect your system

Our Technical Advisor Mark Boccetti explains in this video how air and dirt affect the performance of your heating system and how you can prevent this.

How air & dirt affect your heating system

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