Spirotech is Great Place To Work Certified!

Great Place To Work Nederland studies the level of trust, pride and enjoyment experienced in organisations. Based on the results of the employee survey, we check whether the criteria for good employership have been met. Only organisations that achieve the required score may bear the title Great Place To Work Certified.

In 2019, Spirotech started working with Great Place To Work to gain insight into employee perception, cooperation and leadership in the organisation. Again this year, employees were asked for their opinion in the Great Place To Work employee survey. The survey shows that Spirotech fulfils the criteria for good employership and has therefore been awarded the title 'Great Place To Work Certified'.

As a Helmond-based family firm, over 50 years ago Spirotech was the first company in the Netherlands to develop air and dirt separators for system water in heating and cooling installations.

Hans & Paul zijn trots op het GPTW predicaat

What started as a small family-run business in Helmond is now an international market leader with offices in Germany, England, Belgium and China. Despite this huge growth, Spirotech still feels like a family firm. It is a social company where people work with and for each other, where people look out for each other, celebrate success in a big way and learn from mistakes.

Hans Jacobs and Paul de Bruin, Spirotech executive board: "At Spirotech, we have huge international ambitions, but the social norms and values of a provincial Brabant family firm remain the same. Great Place To Work helps us by revealing the level of trust, pride and enjoyment among all our employees. Being officially Great Place To Work Certified shows that, as an employer, we are doing the right things."

René Brouwers, director of Great Place To Work Nederland: "Good employership is the way to organisational success - that is what Great Place To Work Nederland believes. Organisations which have a culture of trust, pride and enjoyment perform better. As an organisation, excelling in this is a great result. A result to be proud of and which deserves attention."

Brouwers about the study: "We ask employees for their opinion on five values: credibility, respect, honesty, pride and camaraderie. These values are linked to results. We use this approach worldwide in 60 countries in over 7,000 organisations every year."