Sustainable solutions and 'Total Cost of Ownership'

Heat pumps have been used in homes, utility buildings and industry for decades. In recent years you see a huge increase in sales and intallation of heat pumps. This is due to the increasing demand for more energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling solutions.

Air and dirt both have a reducing influence on the efficiency and service life of heat pumps, increasing the "Total Cost of Ownership. Fortunately, both influences are easily removed from an installation with an automatic deaerator and dirt separator, or combination of both.

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Recommendations from practice

The negative impact of air and dirt on the efficiency of systems is so great that Alklima prescribes automatic air and dirt separators as standard when selling heat pumps. "In our service contacts, we see a direct connection between all reports and the presence of air and dirt in the system water," says Rudy Grevers, manager of residential construction at the company.

Menno van der Hoff of Triple Aqua Consulting, also recommends adding automatic air and dirt separators to heat pumps with system water or a refrigerant. "The slightly higher purchase price due to such an additional installation component is quickly and many times recouped by the better energy performance over the total service life."

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The increasing demand for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly HVAC solutions, along with supportive policies and incentives, have contributed to the growing popularity of heat pumps in Europe.

These complex systems contain many components that are sensitive to air and dirt in the system water running through the system. As a result, the importance of effective air and dirt separation in heat pump systems is high.

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In this heat pump brochure we tell you everything about air and dirt separation in (hybrid) heat pump systems. An important subject if you want to get the best return from your installation and want to protect sensitive components against the negative consequences of air and dirt in system water.

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