Today’s highly energy-efficient heating and cooling systems with a primary and secondary circuit or with separate groups and pumps, such as with underfloor heating or heat pumps, require optimum hydraulic balancing and offer the best performance with air and dirt-free system water.

Combining 3 functions in 1 unit

The new SpiroCross AX-J, how it works!

Hydraulic balancing and air and (magnetic) dirt separation are combined in the Spirotech SpiroCross AX-J range. The hydraulic separator (low loss header) compensates for differences in flowrate between a primary circuit (supply) and a secondary circuit (demand). Combining three functions in one device not only saves on purchasing costs, but also on space, performance, installation, and total system maintenance costs.

The SpiroCross AX-J range has been developed for small commercial applications and can also be used for low temperature heat pump systems. Examples include apartment buildings, shared house systems, villas, and small commercial buildings. Applications include the connection of combined heaters (supply) with different consumption circuits (radiator & underfloor heating) that are both designed as an active circuit in a system with multiple and separate circulating pumps.

The SpiroCross AX-J provides deaeration for the removal of circulating and trapped air and a highly effective dirt separation in a very compact design and guarantees a perfect system water balance with minimal fluid mixing.

Benefits of the new SpiroCross AX-J

  • Optimal hydraulic balance between primary and secondary pumps.
  • Powerful neodymium magnet guarantees an unrivalled fast and optimum dirt separation. Even the smallest magnetite particles are removed.
  • Collected dirt can be quickly and easily removed while the system remains fully operational.
  • Large collection chamber ensures that frequent flushing is not necessary.
  • Factory-installed integral air vent continuously removes circulating air and micro-bubbles.
  • Provides optimum heat transfer with constant low pressure drops.
  • No bypass, isolating valves and replacement filters that can clog and cause reduced flow.
  • Maintenance only takes a few seconds and is not a dirty job compared to a filter solution.
  • Robust compact brass housing (no corrosion) with a limited built-in height.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Spirotech quality & technology with 20 years warranty.
The new SpiroCross AX-J hydraulic balancer with air deaeration and magnetic dirt separation

Installation of the SpiroCross AX-J

The new SpiroCross AX-J  hydraulic sparator installed between the primary and secondary loop

The SpiroCross AX-J hydraulic separator should be installed between the primary and secondary loop as shown in the image. To ensure the best air separation efficiency, the water with the highest temperature must be connected to the upper connections (also for cooling applications). As with all hydronic system piping, it is recommended to have the expansion tank connection to the system on the suction side of the pump or circulator.

Units must be mounted in horizontal piping, with the air vent on top.The piping normally supports the weight of the SpiroCross AX-J units. Pipe diameters of straight run before and after the unit are not required.

The flow may be directed to either side of the unit. There is no directional arrow. Either connection may be used for inlet or outlet. The threaded connection at the air vent outlet has been provided as a convenience for those wanting to pressure test the system with air prior to filling.

Installation scheme

1 Boiler | 2 Primary Loop | 3 Secondary Loop | 4 Water Supply |
5 Expansion Tank  | 6 SpiroCross AX-J | 7 System Radiation

More information on the SpiroCross AX-J

Quick Installation Guide

Product Data Sheets

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