Introducing the Top Up pressurisation unit

The SpiroExpand MB0650 Top Up unit is a compact enclosed digital pressurisation unit with electronic pressure transducer and userfriendly microprocessor for use on sealed system in order to provide a minimum system pressure requirement.

The Top Up unit is easy to install and commission and housed in a compact, enclosed unit. The pressurisation unit is suitable for wall mounting. It comes with a 5 litre internal break tank is applicable for flow rates up to 18.5 l/min (max @1bar). Ideal for Industrial, commercial or large domestic applications.

The Top Up unit has no degassing function. It purely pressurises so, will always be found/designed/sold with an expansion vessel. Spirotech offers a wide range of fixed gas expansion vessels suitable for these applications.

Heating and cooling systems are complex, especially when used in combination with other systems and installations. This makes it more difficult to detect and analyse malfunctions, especially in the event of a breakdown. The experts of Spirotech are specialist in the field of pressurisation and system water quality, with a dedicated team able to offer our expertise on your projects.

Benefits of the new SpiroExpand Top Up unit

  • 2 year warranty
  • Energy saving
  • 8 x Volt free contacts
  • Fluid Protection Category 5
  • Wall Mounted Compact Design
  • Heating & Chilled Water Systems
  • EU/UKCA Declaration of Conformity
  • Flood protection and event logging