The new Spirotech SpiroVent Superior S250The new Spirotech SpiroVent Superior S250

The new SpiroVent Superior S250

The solution that even sounds perfect.
Even a dog won't notice it's there!

The solution that even sounds perfect!

The word is out about our vacuum degassing technology being quieter than ever. The almost silent secret is kept by our patented Venturi Loop, a speed-controlled centrifugal pump combined with a Venturi.

A sensor continuously monitors the vessel pressure as degassing takes place, and the pump is adjusted accordingly. This ensures smooth pressure steps and accurate vessel pressure control.

In real terms, this means very low resonance and barely discernible system noise. Just imagine a sound level of only 41dB(A)!

Let’s not forget that expelling all the air from a system means there will be no air left to cause noise there either.

Getting the right product first time right

The SpiroVent Superior S250 has been designed for light commercial applications, in other words, for smaller volume systems. Adding this product expands the degassing family, so that we can accommodate the growing demand from new systems which operate at lower temperatures.

As the SpiroVent Superior family becomes increasingly comprehensive, our customers do not need to compromise in selecting the perfect solution for the systems they encounter:

  • NEW SpiroVent Superior S250: 0.5 - 2.5 bar | 5 m³
  • SpiroVent Superior S400: 1 - 4 bar | 100 m³
  • SpiroVent Superior S600: 2.5 - 6 bar | 325 m³
  • SpiroVent Superior S10: 5 - 10 bar | 300 m³
  • SpiroVent Superior S16: 9 - 16 bar | 300 m³

More information on the Superior family

The Spirotech SpiroVent Superior Family
The new SpiroVent Superior S250

It even sounds perfect...    and that's just for starters

The SpiroVent Superior S250 is an automatic vacuum degasser

The SpiroVent Superior S250 is an automatic vacuum degasser. It removes dissolved and free gases from the system water in closed heating and cooling systems using Henry's laws principle. The great advantage of the SpiroVent Superior S250 is that no matter where it is installed it will remove air.

The only condition for the location of the S250 next to pressure is its working temperature range of 15-70°C. As a rule of thumb, the system return normally is a good point to install the SpiroVent Superior S250.

In addition a smooth degassing operation, there is more:

  • Low defect rate and replacement costs
  • Low service and maintenance required
  • High degassing performance
“Our radiators normally have a lot of air in them by the autumn. With the SpiroVent Superior S250 running for 3 weeks I only de-aerated them for the first time this season today. No air! Perfect!”

Low defect rate & replacement costs

As well as providing flawless and silent degassing, the Venturi Loop has another inherent advantage. The loop between the pump and the Venturi protects the pump and this seriously extends the product life span. In operation, it is the Venturi that creates the vacuum and not the pump. So the pump's Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH*) is kept close to the system pressure. This helps in preventing cavitation in the pump.

“We have many years of experience with degassing, the performance of the SpiroVent Superior S250 is as solid as all other Superiors from Spirotech.”

Low service & maintenance

The hydraulic components are extremely robust. These unique components are few in number to minimize the risk of damage or failure. Valves are unnecessary and the single moving part in the unit is the centrifugal pump. As explained before, the pump is protected by the Venturi Loop. With as little effort as cleaning the filter every 12 months and replacing the air vent every 24 months, you can ensure years of smooth service.

“After three weeks we noticed the system was free of air, magnificent.”

High degassing performance

We could go on and on about our degassing technology with its patented Venturi Loop right down to the very last detail. However, that is not everyone’s cup of tea, in the end it is all about the performance of this degassing technology you are interested in. While the SpiroVent Superior S250 was in development, we road-tested its degassing performance with a number of customers. 

More information on the new SpiroVent Superior S250

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* NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head)
Cavitation occurs when the liquid in the pump becomes a vapour due to pressure imbalances. The lower the pressure on the suction side of the pump, the higher the risk of cavitation. Cavitation can lead to damage to the impeller, bearings and pump housing. This will adversely affect the life span of the pump. It is advisable to avoid or resolve cavitation issues quickly to avert escalating maintenance and replacement costs.